Friday, 16 July 2010

Type A or Type B?

Ok, ok, ok... I promise that random online quizzes won't continue to be a regular feature, but after reading Wife Lifey's post on Type A and Type B personalities, I just had to give this one a try. 

If you'd caught me at my Matilda-idolising stage, I'd have probably loved to be a Type A - I wanted to achieve; I wanted to be the best. My dream was to become a doctor at a hospital in Pittsburgh, because that's where all the poorly children on Newsround went to have amazing surgeries that would save their lives. I would discover a cure for lung cancer - "so that when you get it, I can cure you", I'd say to my Dunhill-scented parents. Along the way, I'd probably open a school for girls รก la Mallory Towers with my best friend Sarah. Battling it out for first place in class was what I lived for.

Somewhere, it all went awry. I am not a doctor. University was a disaster - I struggled in class and really honed my exceptional skill of saying really, really inappropriate things when I'm nervous or intimidated. Chances are, if I've come across as a total a-hole to you at any stage, it's because I quite like you and hope to make you think well of me. Great, huh?

Since dropping out of university, I've sort of ambled through jobs, thankfully earning a so-far-beyond-useful professional qualification along the way. Seriously, I dread to think what my life would be like if I didn't have those four letters after my name. I have finally accepted that my heart just wasn't quite in the ambitious glass-ceiling lifestyle I felt I should be striving for. A couple of years in London mercifully ended in March, and I'm relishing the slowness of life.

I don't really know how to explain how wannabe-Matilda got lost along the way, but all I can think is that I just got too lazy. It turns out you can still have fun even if you're really quite average.

So... the results of the test - 0 means Type B personality; 100 means Type A. I got 52. Clearly Matilda's still battling, just a little. Their blurb...

"You seem to be in the middle between the Type A and Type B personality. In this case, the middle ground is good. Your attitude to life is more of the "smell the roses" kind and you know how and when to relax. Nonetheless, you realize that picking up a challenge and competing a little bit for your place in the sun can add some spice to your life. The equilibrium is important, so don't let your hostile, aggressive, and competitive alter ego take over too often. Generally, you are easy to be around, and people tend to feel relaxed and comfortable in your presence. Yours is a very healthy attitude towards life."

After being called a bit of a bimbo a few days ago, I feel quite relieved!

 As I don't like the "related posts" blank pics, here's a little eye candy. These are some gorgeous pups, one of which we are considering. Seriously, don't you just want to pick them all up and cuddle them at once?

What personality type do you think you are, and does the test say differently? What do you think of these online quizzes - are they potentially harmful, or just silly fun?


  1. Ah! I just went to take the test but my work internet chucked me out! How rude.

    I will do it tonight and report back. I suspect I am exactly the same as you; my head I really want to be the best and massively awesome and successful but in actual fact I can't really be arsed.... x

  2. Those pups are precious!

    Seriously, your history sounds just like mine. I did well in grade school, teachers all thought I was going places, then I took 4 years to get my AA and still haven't gotten my Bachelors...