Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Drunk People and Fire

Yes, they are a fantabulous combination. My story from Saturday night's party involves neither drunk people nor fire - that came later - but it explains the picture...
So... Some friends of ours are farmers and own some beautiful land on which they decided to build a little cabin for parties. The inaugural bash took place on Saturday with the instruction to bring some food and drink so everyone would just muck in, and involved a mixture of London people and locals. I'm still not sure where we fit as Patrick is a Londoner, and I'm a local, and we've both lived in each other's areas. I digress... So this is how it went down - 

Barbecue-tending male Londoner: What would you like?
Me: Ooh, is there a burger ready?
Barbecue-tending male Londoner: These lamb ones look like they're done.
Me: That sounds lovely!
Rude female Londoner: My friend made those by hand!
Me: That's fine - I'll just wait for one of the beef ones.
Rude female Londoner: [shrieking to her friend] Some random is trying to take our hand-made burgers!
Barbecue-tending male Londoner: [silent; looks embarrassed]

Really - why do people feel the need to be so rude? It's not even like it was a public event - it was a private party, so unless she thought that I'd somehow crashed a party in the middle of a field, she must have considered that we have friends in common. Baffled.

Anyway, running!
Did 5k yesterday, about which I am extremely pleased. It was super-roasty outside, but I remembered to take a water bottle with me. OMG - what a difference that makes! 

Lap #1 - 1.57 km, 13:10 minutes, 6.13 km/h
Lap #2 - 1.65km, 13.52 minutes, 7.09 km/h
Lap #3 - 1.67km, 12.00 minutes, 7.8 km/h

Total - 5.10km, 43.21 minutes, 6.99km/h

I don't know if I'm improving, or if the promise of pork tenderloin and butternut squash fajitas spurred me on! It might even be that my super-sexy pace maker was jogging just a few feet in front of me... But I'm not saying. After the run, he made me lift heavy weights in our snazzy home gym garage with weights bench and punch bag. I feel like Rocky Balboa, which is interesting, because Patrick looks kinda like Ivan Drago...
More good news - I have the new iMapMyRun app that lets me take pictures while I run without having to stop recording! To try out this week...


  1. I can't believe the woman was that rude! I hate people like that, I tend to be of the school of be-nice-to-everyone-unless-they-have-eaten-your-baby so when someone is just randomly nasty I really can't stand it!

    And well done on the 5k - I am on Day 4 of my healthy eating exercise plan and hating every second of it! x

  2. Mean burger lady - hope she got botulism (or whatever you get from raw dodgy meat). Not all us Londoners are like that, promise! "Some random" indeed. You weren't tempted to accidentally squirt her with ketchup? You're a better woman than me, then!

    Did you get a puppy? Did you? Did you? Did you? They're gorgeous. But you know choc Labs are particularly naughty and wilful, don't you? Gorgeous but wilful. Black ones are super-good. I don't know why this should be, but it's true.

  3. Haha!

    We haven't yet... What with the wedding and the honeymoon and then a friend's wedding in Romania, we wanted to wait until we're properly at home before doing so.

    My parents used to have a chocolate lab and he was such a chewer, but a total softie! That's so strange that the colours are so different.