Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Is Something Chasing Me?

Because that's the only time I ever run! Ok, this isn't really running, just a light jog, but this morning I got up, left the house at 6 and did 5k. I've been faffing around with Couch to 5k programmes for so long and getting absolutely nowhere, so I thought I'd take the advice of the title of my latest blog crush, and just Shut Up And Run!

I seem to have reasonable stamina at low levels of effort, so I figured I'm just going to focus for now on getting my 5k jog up to a reasonably respectable 5k run. To do this, I did 500m warmup, jogged for 2.5km, turned round and jogged back for 2.5km, then 500m cooldown. Simple enough! I suppose what I'm hoping for is to get to the stage where that feels really natural, and so I can push myself a bit further.

So... Here's the data! I'm not sure how exactly MapMyRun.com figures out what a lap is, but I haven't managed to find a better site for this purpose yet.

Lap # 1 - 1.70 km; 14.30 minutes; 6.84 km/h
Lap # 2 - 1.62 km; 12.23 minutes; 7.06 km/h
Lap # 3 - 1.66 km; 13.14 minutes; 6.91 km/h
Lap # 4 - 0.85 km; 07.58 minutes; 5.80 km/h

Total - 6.04 km; 52.51 minutes; 6.74 km/h

The route I take is absolutely beautiful - there's a canopy of trees that make it almost faerie glen-like. Once the new phone arrives (Carphone Warehouse rang to inform me that they believe that the delivery driver has stolen the one that I was due to pick up today...) I will be sure to take some pictures to share. Maybe even ones of my post workout face, รก la Chocolate Covered Katie. Hmm... We shall see.


  1. I seriously have to imagine that something/ someone is chasing me in order to be able to run :-)

  2. Hey, where are these trees? We want to see them!!

  3. Haha! I'm on it! I did a brisk walk today (avoiding running two days in a row) and even trying to skip a track made my phone crash. *sigh* Hopefully the new one should arrive today!

  4. Good for you for running!!! Look like good stats to me! :)