Wednesday, 14 July 2010

City Life Or Country Life?

With enormous thanks to Melissa Nibbles: City Life Or Country Life?

So, I started to write this in Melissa's comment box but rambled on for so long that I thought I'd just write a post of my very own! I was drawn over to her blog after a shockingly risqué comment she made over on Healthy Living With Kelly made me laugh out loud!

Melissa sees both sides of the coin, but is more inclined to believe that city living is easier to do more healthily.

Interesting! In the UK, I'd say that it's very different - it's much easier to stay healthy in the countryside.

Yeah, we don't have the supercool Wholefoods-type places, but that's because there's a farm shop just down the road that has always been organic, even before it was trendy. We don't have to inhale car exhaust fumes *or* jump in the hedge, because there are footpaths and bridlepaths that we may follow. I can go out running by myself, because there isn't a gang of hoody-wearing "yoofs" on every corner, making me feel unsafe.

Cycling becomes a pleasure rather than a chore, because the disused railway lines across the country are slowly being turned into scenic cyclepaths. Smaller communities mean that things like recreational sports teams are more common - nothing motivates my beloved quite like training with his rugby pals twice a week. In London, they didn't have that cameraderie, so if he just ditched to stay home and watch tv, or his fitness levels weren't as good as they should be, nobody really cared. Now, he runs of his own accord, because he doesn't want to let the team down.

In the city, the work ethic is much more "macho" - staying as late as possible and boasting about how many hours one works. In the countryside, people just get the job done and we're home by 6 - plenty of time to be active and cook meals from scratch. Stress levels are lower because of this improved work-life balance. You are more likely to keep a pet - proven to be a great stress-reliver.

The best thing for my health about living in the countryside? Domino's Pizza don't deliver; and it's more effort to have after-work beers. Honestly - such a blessing.

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