Thursday, 10 June 2010

Tasty, Healthy Food

I've subscribed to far too many healthy eating blogs lately, and they've inspired me to share my lunch with you!

Well, no, you can't have any, but the thought was there, at least.

I'm afraid to say that I'm a bit of a lettuce dodger, so what I tend to do is buy packs of vegetables intended for stir fries - cabbage, carrot strips and bean sprouts - and make a salad out of them instead. They're combined with my absolute diet staple - king prawns. There's something about the Co-Op ones; they're just so flavoursome.

Next layer is my favourite recent discovery - leek and alfalfa sprouts. They have just the right level of oniony pungency, without being so overpowering that you can't eat them at work! Also, some people do theorise that sprouting grains are magically good for you... Not sure if I buy it, but why not if they're tasty and cheap? All topped off with a tub of basic salsa. I've been having the most insane tomato cravings lately - thankfully they're a Weight Watchers *free* food, so I can snack on them as much as I like!

Want to see supper as well? Oh go on then...

Aubergines and mushrooms - Patrick hates them, so I'm dosing up while he's away - with asparagus in a tomatoey curry sauce. My favourite curry paste is Patak's Madras: it's so delicious. I've been known to put it in cheese toasties!

I added a bit of frozen chopped spinach to thicken out the sauce, and some frozen chopped green beans, just because they were there.

Pud, you say? Here it is!

One of the things I love about Waitrose is that they just stock nice things - even their economy versions of foods are ethically sourced, free range, British where possible... I love these frozen raspberries because they are delicious, and I can eat a tonne of them with minimal calorific damage. Yes, I am a greedy guts, and yes, I eat them frozen. I blended them once, making the most amazing sorbet, but it's too much like hard work, and it seemed like *everything* was pink!

So, with a healthy dose of Maldon Salt (oh come on - I'm over 300 days smoke-free, I've got to be allowed a vice!) I'm very pleased with my meals for today!

What are your absolute go-to diet foods? The ones that help you to feel like you're not depriving yourself!


  1. Wow, love the look of your lunch! Where's the recipe from?
    And I love Madras curry paste as well - always makes for a good and easy home-made curry. I always eat a lot of fish, prawns and veg when I'm trying to lose weight - prawns always make you feel like you're not missing out as they're so so tasty. Lots of Asian food as it's pretty healthy - using half fat coconut milk in a Thai curry is a good option if you're like me an addicted to them but worried about the fat content! Good luck with getting into your dress - don't worry too much, sure it'll be wonderful.

  2. Hi, Emma. It's not actually a recipe - I'm a fairly mediocre cook, but a great assembler!

    Thanks for your support.