Monday, 14 June 2010

Ack... The Dress, and The Final Hour

So... I tried on the dress on Saturday, and it's about an inch away from doing up. Oh the horror! 54 days to go, and let's be serious - I've kind of known about this day for almost 18-months, now. *Sigh*

Sometimes I think that maybe I just prefer myself cuddly, but I know that's not true - when I got down to a still-considered-obese-by-the-health-industry 12 stone after a week in hospital last summer, I loved how slim I felt! So, the military "get Becca into her dress" operation has been stepped up a notch. I have officially sworn off alcohol for the next fortnight, and the gym sessions are going to have to be longer!

Yummy lentils, spring onions, red peppers and apple balsamic vinaigrette for supper last night!

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