Friday, 8 October 2010

Friday Funny

The Twilight malarkey absolutely baffles me. I clearly must have reached old age, because I just don't find those boys attractive. Why aren't film stars as hot nowadays? Meanwhile the dialogue in the books reads like old-school Mills and Boon, where they describe everything with such bellyaching passion, and orgasms are described as soaring stars and rainbows. Ralph.

Anyway, I came across this chucklesome pic and hope that you enjoy:




  1. Okay, I admit it, I loved the Twilight books - it's the repressed passion, it gets me every time. I read Pride and Prejudice at a formative age, alright?!

  2. I guess millions of readers can't be wrong! I read way too much Patricia Cornwell and Jilly Cooper at an impressionable age, which must have made me terribly hard-hearted! ;)